Superconducting Cables EU

The technological solutions for superconducting wires are setting new records

A wonderful achievement, showing the best of the EU; funding from Best Paths, TSO collaboration through Terna and RTE and industry leaders like Nexans and ASG Superconductors (formerly Columbus Superconductors).

“…able to carry 500 times more electricity than copper wires and can transport up to 3.2 GW of electric power

“the cable is manufactured using magnesium diboride as a superconductor, which is very economical to produce”

“The next step for the widespread use of this technology according to the project team would be to develop testing guidelines for high-voltage direct current superconducting cables together with a consortium of manufacturers to ensure safety and quality standards.”

As power numbers increase and costs come down, his technology will be integral to the pan-EU grid of the near future.