About SuperNode

SuperNode is innovatively combining the best available technology, building on the work of all European stakeholders, to deliver a carbon free economy.

The convergence of hardware and software means that now it is possible to think beyond point to point to a true network of SuperNodes.

This requires urgent implementation of a more ambitious regulatory framework at EU and National levels. It also requires combining existing technology in innovative ways while at the same time assembling the best talent to drive this once-off transition to renewables. All the pieces are in place and we have the industry foresight and experience gained with Airtricity and Mainstream Renewable Power to get it done.

SuperNode conducted a study, whose findings concur with those of the EU Commission. Demand for electricity in Europe will increase to as much as 7,900TWh by 2050, with the electrification of heat and transport. This is a significant step-change in usage that will require a transformation in how we produce and deliver the energy needed for society; to protect jobs, to keep us secure and to decarbonise.

To meet this challenge, we will need to collaborate across borders to put the following additional infrastructure in place:

  • 900GW of new Wind at a capacity factor of 50%, primarily offshore
  • 950GW of new Solar at a capacity factor of 30%, primarily in the Mediterranean basin
  • A SuperGrid structure to link them up, and smoothen their variability
  • A series of SuperNodes, to collect the local renewable energy and route it across the SuperGrid to where the customer need is greatest.

We have established a new company, jointly funded by the founders, called SuperNode Ltd. to accomplish this once off transition to sustainability. Creating a new class of technology investment, one concerned with allowing investors to invest in the SuperGrid and it’s SuperNodes is a key priority for the company.